Sales Training Houston

sales training  Houston
sales training Houston

Sales Training Houston
by America's Leading Sales Training Company

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We Create Sales SuperStars

sales training Houston
Robert Taylor, Author Speaker, Electrifying Sales Trainer Business Consultant & Executive
Coach. He graduated from Texas Christian
University then studied Law at George
Washington University Law School.

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Finally, sales training taught by an incredibly successful salesman. He earned a generous 6-figure income that put him in the top 1% income tax bracket from personal sales before becoming a full time sales trainer in 1993. This training is personally taught by Robert Joel Taylor, a polished sales pro who can transfer his powerful sales skills to your sales people. He has helped 100'sof different companies to dramatically increase their sales sometimes doubling their sales He has scores of video testimonials from clients who were thrilled by the results they achieved from his seminar--from Fortune 100 companies like American Airlines and the American Broadcasting Company ABC) and CompUSA to small companies of every kind. He is also the author of a best selling motivational book about how to achieve success. His earth shaking "SuperStars" sales training seminar will electrify your sales people and will dramatically increase your sales. It will pay for itself in the first week. Don't settle for some drone spouting worn out sales clichés --get the Best Sales Trainer on the Planet !
He will shake your company

Sales Training Houston

sales training Houston

Sales Training Houston
This at-your-location sales training seminar is designed to transform
your average sales people into
"SuperStars." His sales training seminar
46 innovative sales training techniques and all the secrets they
must know to enter the top 3% in sales-by someone who has done it!

Sales Training Houston
We teach today's sales skills that would take years to learn.
Whether you have inside sales or outside sales people, your
team will derive both immediate and long term benefits from
our sales training seminars.

Most sales training seminars today are taught bysales training Houston fast  talking
seminar "seat salesmen"
who have nothing worth while to deliver.
They teach yesterday’s
"trick" closes, fluff gimmicks and kindergarten
techniques that are available in any old book on sales
. They are just
fast talking amateurs
who have no lasting impact on your people.
They teach obvious things and are a waste of time and money. The
bigger the sales training company, the more likely they are to present
boring text book canon fodder that everyone already knows. The
founders of large sales training companies no longer do the training.
They hire glib people off the street to regurgitate "training modules"
written by academics who don't know squat about how real sales
are made in today's highly competitive environment.
We deliver the

sales training Houston

Sales Training Houston
Sales training must be taught by someone who has been in the trenches,
someone who has made 1,000's of cold calls and 100's of personal
someone who knows how it really works from personal
Unfortunately, larger sales training companies accumulate
bookish trainers who have gained all of their knowledge from manuals
and modules—not from years of practical sales experience. I have found
that the bigger the sales training company, the more likely they are to offer
academic solutions that sound sophisticated and seem plausible, but
don't work in the real world.

So what should you look for?
You need someone who put some sales training Houston fire in your sales force, an
electrifying sales
trainer-motivator who will increase your company's
immediately! You need someone who has been in the trenches
of front line direct sales and who has excelled far beyond others.
Robert Taylor has been in personal sales for over 20 years and in
sales management for 10+ years. For several years he was a stock
broker for E. F. Hutton where he lead the 5-state region in sales. He
personally hired and trained thousands of sales people in his
own company and for other companies. In years past he worked for
several of the leading growth companies in the United States. He can
share those growth strategies with you and help you grow your
company into the business you dream of owning.
Robert Joel Taylor
dramatically increased sales for 100's of big and small companies
(in some instances doubling their sales) by teaching innovative selling
skills and marketing ideas that will knock your socks off.
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Sales Training Houston
We Cover The Entire Sales Process
There are top sales people in literally every industry group who are
making $100,000+ each year, while most make $30-$50,000. During our
"Super Stars" sales training seminars we teach goal setting and how
disciplined daily cold calling is necessary to every sales organization.
We explain truly innovative prospecting methods that will fill your pipe
line. We show you how to get through gate keepers to the decision
makers. We explain how to qualify the prospect for the authority to
make the buying decision. In very participatory sessions we explain
and demonstrate how to make a powerful presentation, how to over
come objections, how to create artificial urgency, how to use trial
closes, how to get agreement on key factors, how to over come your
major competition and many ways to close the sale. We discuss the
role of voice, enthusiasm, enunciation and diction. We explain the
four basic personality types and how best to appeal to each one.
In short,
we cover the entire sales process as it relates to your
specific products and services.

Sales Training Houston
Each person in the seminar will be called on to participate and will
practice their newly learned competencies during the seminar. This
seminar is a very hands on seminar where each person is actively
participating in the learning process. It is not a typical class environment
where the leader speaks and the others pretend to listen. Your sales
people will be called on to stand up and deliver the newly learned
introductions, presentations and closes. It is a a fun filled session
with lots of laughs and a
learning experience they will never forget.

Sales Training Houston
Simply request a detailed outline of our seminar and one will be sent
to you free of charge.
You will see how thorough and professional the
"SuperStars" seminar truly is and how it will benefit your company.

Robert Taylor delivers
real world sales techniques that work, regardless
 of the products or services you sell—whether your company is a
Fortune 100 or one in the making. He has also trained medical
 on how to increase their practice (with spectacular results) and other
non-sales people
like engineers and CompUSA  train-the-trainer.

Sales Training Houston
Learn today's advanced telephone sales techniques that get
results and how to make cold calls with confidence. We can
help you develop a powerful custom sales presentations that
lead your prospects to take action immediately. We will
increase your sales staff's selling skills by a quantum leap,
using the powerful
Sales Super Stars seminar.

sales training Houston

Sales Training Houston
We teach powerful closing techniques that work , not the
old worn out clichés that most training companies preach
as gospel. You need to learn the new closing techniques
that work in today's economy.

Sales Training Houston
Each seminar is customized for the company's unique
products and services--no off-the-shelf canned sales
training. We can help your sales people develop real
confidence when delivering personal presentation
by learning body language, NLP techniques and other
state of the art sales techniques.

Sales Training Houston
We teach the entire sales process, from cold calling,
telemarketing, personal presentations, appointment
setting, relationship selling, over-coming objections
and powerful closing skills. We show your staff how
to use the email and the fax machine to create urgency
and how to make one call close presentations--even
with big ticket items. You will learn to sell with urgency.
We will change your flat
sales graph to a hockey stick
chart with sales moving sharply higher immediately
after the seminar.

sales training Houston

Sales Training Houston
We teach seminars and courses in
Basic Sales Training,
Call Center Training, Customer service Excellence, Advanced
Sales Techniques, Telesales, Business Leadership Training,
Relationship & Consultative Selling, Leadership Development,
Managing Effective Sales Teams, Negotiating the Sale, Setting
& Achieving Corporate Goals, Developing a Winning Attitude,
Handling Difficult Customers, Business Writing and Communi-
cations, and Individual Coaching.

Sales Training Houston

 sales training in Houson

to speak to Robert Taylor personally
or email

My goal is to help your company reach its full sales potential ASAP. I have been conducting sales training for over 15 years and have had experience in just about every type of business you can imagine--from Fortune 100 Companies like American Airlines (see their video testimonial on this page) to smaller companies of all kinds. I have helped I have helped 100's of businesses of every kind imaginable successfully grow their business and I can kick start your sales by giving you sales people the professional sales tools they need, and a deliver a jolt of electricity and renewed enthusiasm during the on-site sales seminar.
SuperStars Sales Training is Born
About 5 years ago I started organizing a comprehensive sales training program that covers all aspects of the sales process from the introduction to the close. This SuperStars Sales Training Program produces spectacular results and helps people with all levels of sales skills and sophistication. Among other things, I show your sales people how to maintain a positive and professional attitude through out the day, regardless of the inevitable negative results they encounter. I show them how to be disciplined and consistent, from the first call to the last. I teach them a new killer presentation of your products and services, and techniques to over-come the primary objections, as well as numerous sophisticated closing skills. In addition, I show your people how to create artificial urgency--a reason to buy now. My  seminars are very inter-active. Everyone at the seminar participates. My goal is to show them, tell them and demonstrate to them the best possible ways to present your products and services so that your prospects buy immediately. With cold sales calls, there is a initial positive reception to your products and services that generally quickly goes away, making it critical to close the sale at the apex of interest, which is generally the first or second call. I can help you develop a new, powerful presentation that everyone uses--every time. So often, sales people vary their presentation depending on their mood at the moment. If they have just experienced a number of rejections, their presentation is generally shorter and uninspiring, which leads to more rejection and failure. A good sales person delivers essentially the same presentation every time regardless of their personal circumstances.
Being On Stage
I not only help your people with their presentation, but I also help them with their delivery--
their communication skills-articulation, enunciation, pronunciation and emphasis. For the
brief time your sales people are talking to new prospects, they are on stage like an actor.
They need to be keenly aware of how they sound, what confidence their voice conveys and,
if they are selling in person, what their body language says to the prospect. I help them
develop a confident speaking voice with a distinctive presence. 

Bottom Line: I can transfer my SuperStars sales skills to your sales people so they
become professional sales people who are aware of the sale process and where they are
at the moment. Answering questions is not selling. Telling is not selling. Selling is delivering
a powerful, well-planned presentation that ends with a close. Ask for an email summary of
this SuperStars program and it will be sent to you free. Give me a call and let's talk about
how together we can reach your sales goals.

Call Robert Taylor personally   469-506-9530


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